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Just because a woman behaves in a way that some people might consider slutty doesn't mean she's a slut. Take Sheri Fox, a 52-year-old horse trainer from Florida. She's married, and in her first visit to the 50+ MILFs studio, she fucked a total stranger. Now she's back, and what's she doing? Fucking another total stranger...and this time, she's taking his cock in her ass because as Sheri told us, "Nothing's better." She is, as we've told you before, a woman of few words, but when she's having sex, she's loud and raunchy. A mature woman doesn't get a pair of big tits and pierce her pussy because she doesn't like sex. There are some great shots in this set. Sheri spreads her ass and looks right into the camera as her man licks her asshole. Her pussy jewelry dangles. Sheri, upside-down, legs all the way back, looks up at her cunt as the dude, facing away from her, fucks her pierced pussy. SSheri upside-down again for an anal plunging. Sheri enjoys the feeling of cum pooling in her asshole, then dribbling down to her pussy and her thighs.
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